SWK-2000 Series Fuel Filter/Water Separators

Separ Filter's SWK-2000 Series fuel filter/water separators use five stages of filtration to remove harmful particulates and water from fuel.

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The SWK-2000 Series is a line of fuel filter/water separators from Separ Filter designed to accommodate newer and more demanding diesel engines.

  • Improves diesel engine reliability by providing 99.9% water separation (certified TUV report using SAE J1839) and removing sludge build up
  • Protects fuel systems and prevents engine failure by using five stages of filtration to separate out harmful particulate and water from diesel fuel
  • Filter separates most debris and large particles before fuel reaches the filtration element, helping prolong filter element life
  • During filtration process water and larger, heavier particles settle out of the fuel to the bottom of the bowl and can later be removed by opening the drain valve
  • Fuel then flows through the element to trap smaller particles before exiting the filter and towards the engine
  • Low restriction reduces wear on fuel pumps and ensures full RPMs
  • Available with standard or intrinsically safe water sensors to indicate need to drain bowl
  • Backflushable (cleanable) elements, up to five times, reduce down time and costly element changes
  • Available with flow rates from 79 to 2,060 GPH for integration into any size fuel system
  • Manufactured from high-quality, non-corroding aluminum alloy castings, heavy polycarbonate or metal bowls and stainless steel hardware
  • Offers a small physical size, high flow rate, low restriction, multiple inlet/outlet configurations and long-life filter elements
  • Duplex systems contain two filters so that when the primary filter is in need of maintenance, the fuel system can continue to operate by use of the secondary filter, reducing down time
  • Installed on the suction side of fuel system, between fuel feed tank and the engine mounted fuel lift pump
  • Can be mounted directly on the engine as well
  • Applications include use in bulk fuel storage units and various heavy-duty on- and off-highway equipment
  • Marine version with U.S. Coast Guard-accepted metal heat deflector also available
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