SDB Gearbox Desiccant Breathers

The SDB Gearbox Desiccant Breathers from Stauff prevent corrosive moisture and hazardous vapors from causing wear and tear on gearboxes.

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STAUFF SDB Gearbox Desiccant Breathers are designed to remove corrosive moisture and hazardous vapors.

  • Removes particulate matter by first having air pass through a drying agent of non-toxic gel to remove moisture and then through a replaceable air filter element with a micron rating of 3 μm
  • As moisture is absorbed, drying agent will gradually change from red to orange with orange indicating the drying agent needs to be replaced
  • Optional spring-loaded check valve isolates drying agent from atmosphere unless inhaling or exhaling, which increases lifetime of breather
  • Features highly absorbent activated carbon material to trap any hazardous oil vapors
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