BPS Series Bypass Filter System

The BPS Series bypass filter system from Stauff includes cellulose filter media which removes impurities smaller than 1 micrometer.

Especially Developed For Mobil 11255134
Loresstau 10108159

The Stauff BPS Series bypass filter system uses a fine, specially-developed cellulose filter medium to remove even the tiniest impurities that are smaller than 1 micrometer.

  • Special flow control valve allows required flow of oil to be taken directly from main system without any need for an integrated motor/pump unit
  • Low nominal flow rate of 4.2 liters per minute does not affect the actual functioning of the hydraulic main system
  • Filter housing and elements are resistant to hydraulic fluids in accordance with ISO 15380 (2004), including those which biodegrade quickly 
  • Adapters are available for floor or wall mounting if necessary
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