Magnetic Oil and Fuel Filter

The magnetic filter technology from FilterMag captures the majority of particulates in the sub-10 micron range.

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FilterMag International has introduced a magnetic filtration product family which substantially reduce the presence of harmful particles from oil, hydraulic and fuel systems used in critical assets in mining, oil and gas, heavy construction and manufacturing markets. 

  • Magnetic filtration technology improves capture rate of most harmful particles, in the sub-10 micron range
  • Helps increase life expectancies of equipment, as well as improves system reliability and uptime
  • Uses custom-designed, heat-resistant Neodymium alloy magnets that are mathematically optimized and magnetically modeled for specific applications
  • Non-invasively extracts wear-causing particles from oil and hydraulic fluids without interfering with flow
  • Focuses magnetic field inside a filter that is formulated to remove damaging particles from oil operating at up to 300 F
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