Shaw Development RFS Pitstop (Robotic Fueling System)

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Shaw Development LLC, a global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of high flow industrial fluid management products, has signed an exclusive re-seller and service agreement with Rotec Special Projects b.v., the leading innovator of mine robotic fueling systems, to represent the company in strategic markets globally with the RFS Pitstop (Robotic Refueling System).

The RFS Pitstop is a containerized system for robotic refueling of heavy duty vehicles in extreme conditions. RFS is safe, efficient, easy, environmental-friendly and theft-proof. Operating speeds are between 150 – 300 GPM / (567 – 1135 LPM). Connection to begin refueling is only 75 seconds and disconnecting takes just 30 seconds.

The use of a high speed closed loop refueling system transformed vehicle design by broadening the use of composite fuel reservoirs in large mining and construction equipment.

The RFS Pitstop system is a turn-key working robot, installed in a 20 foot sea-container which facilitates installation and secures the systems operation. The RFS provides full metering to refueling activity that monitors fuel purchases. The system also prevents theft of fuel from the fueling system. System health monitoring is fully built into the system hardware and firmware. Interaction between the driver of the vehicle and the RFS is through a live camera system installed in the truck. Positioning is achieved through a self-centering connecting unit which operates within a window of one square meter and 15 degrees to connect to the fueling receiver. The RFS uses a hydraulic driven delta robot and a 3D time of flight camera to locate the receiver. The RFS Pitstop system works in all weather conditions from minus -40 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius.

Shaw Development brings extensive high flow refueling experience through its lines of on-vehicle refueling systems seen on all major mine and construction vehicles as well as off vehicle fluid transfer systems, pumps, filtering and tank cleaning systems.

Shaw Development is the original developer of the technical solution that provided pressure-less fast refueling systems to mining and construction vehicles. The use of a high speed closed loop refueling system transformed vehicle design by broadening the use of composite fuel reservoirs in large mining and construction equipment. Shaw’s system is also environmentally friendly as it prevents spillage and has a built in anti-theft capability. The Shaw fast fill refueling system is standard on most OEM production equipment globally. Today, Shaw provides closed loop refueling system solutions from 5 – 225 GPM / (20-850LPM).

“With 60 years of expertise in refueling systems, fluid management and bringing complex technical solutions to global markets, Shaw Development is uniquely situated to leverage its total refueling system capabilities with bringing the RFS Pitstop to market. We trust that the Shaw and Rotec market solution is a transformational refueling system,” said Kevin Hawkesworth, CEO of Shaw Development.

Rotec Special Projects, Ltd, has advantaged expertise in 3D visioning systems, robotics and line of sight in complex industrial solutions. Henk Hofman, General Manager, Rotec Engineering, was quoted as saying, “Rotec’s unparalleled capabilities in the deployment of 3D visioning and advanced robotics have been realized in the development of the RFS. Rotec has 17 years of experience in Robotic refueling of cars and trucks and Robotic refueling of LNG (Liquid natural Gas) vehicles. We are excited to work with Shaw Development in their exclusive role to sell, install and deploy the RFS for mines, trains and substantial construction sites.”