John Deere Introduces Composite Fuel Tank for 9R Series Tractors

Composite fuel tanks for the new model year 2017 John Deere 9R Series Tractors feature a sloped design for improved rear visibility for operators.

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New for model year 2017, the John Deere 9R Series Wheeled and Scraper Special Tractors will feature a redesigned composite fuel tank. The new sloped design of the tank improves the aesthetics of the 9R and rear visibility for the operator.

“The composite fuel tank also features a dual-fill design, allowing operators to fill the fuel tank from either side,” says Tiffany Turner, Product Marketing Manager, John Deere. “The fuel tank capacity is 320 gal. on the 9370R and 9470R Tractors and 400 gal. on the 9529R and 9620R Tractors.”

The new composite fuel tanks for 9R Tractors are designed to give the tractor a sleeker look and more efficiency for the operator with the two fuel-fill locations. These new tractors will be available in November.