Cummins halting development of 15-liter natural gas engine

Cummins has chosen to hold off on development of a 15 liter natural gas engine for at least six months due to an increased need for more public infrastructure for natural gas fueling.

Cummins has announced it holding off development of its 15-liter spark ignition engine until demand for a natural gas engine in the 450 hp becomes more evident. The company says more public infrastructure is required to meet the needs of the fleets which would utilize the engine.  

The currently available ISX12 G Cummins Westport engine is typically used by fleets which either have their own dedicated fueling capabilities or run specific routes which have natural gas fueling stations along them. The 15 liter version, on the other hand, would most likely be used by vehicles running more varied routes. Cummins says it wants its customers to feel confident there will be a fueling station along these varied routes, which is why the company has chosen to halt development until public infrastructure of natural gas fueling stations increases.

Development is being postponed until mid-2014 when Cummins will re-evaluate the market and infrastructure availability.

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