Cobham qualifies Type 4 CNG tanks for natural gas vehicles

Cobham has entered the natural gas vehicle market with the qualification of its two new Type 4 CNG storage tanks.

Cobham Mission Systems

Cobham announces successful qualification of two new Type 4 compressed natural gas storage tanks, marking its formal entry into the natural gas vehicle commercial trucking market. Type 4 polymer lined, carbon fiber wrapped tanks offer large gas volume in a low profile, lightweight storage vessel. Cobham's 278 and 436 Liter tanks, 60 in. and 90 in. in length, are six times more resistant to permeation than required by the NGV2/FMVSS specification to offer enhanced safety and fuel preservation. Tanks can also be customized ranging from 17.4 to 26 in. in diameter, in lengths of 45 to 135 in. to meet specific market needs. 

Recognized as a world leader in gas management and composites technology with exceptional customer service and delivery performance, Cobham now offers NGV customers a competitively priced alternative when experiencing challenges with sustainable supply. Tim Sopko, Vice President, General Manager, Cobham Mission Systems says, "The same processes that resulted in 100% on-time delivery over 12 consecutive months for our aerospace customers will afford our NGV tank customers the best possible lead times for exact quantities desired."

Cobham designs and produces high performance composite pressure vessels and hybrid integrated structures for alternative energy, life support, military and commercial aircraft, and spacecraft applications. The NGV market is a strategic fit that leverages its gas management core capability and composites technology to offer the best value to end users.