Evans Cooling Systems Tests Waterless Coolant

Fuel economy test with major poultry firm shows 5.5% improvement

Evans Waterless Engine Coolants Logo 5 27 2010

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., a Sharon, CT based company, and the developer of the only waterless engine coolant, today announced results from a six month fuel economy test with a national leader in the poultry industry. The trucks tested were powered by a 13 liter International Max force engine. During normal unloading operations, the trucks are stationary for a number of hours and the fan runs most of the time. The conversion to Evans waterless coolant, along with raising the fan on temperature significantly reduced fan on time. The result was a 5.5% fuel economy improvement.

Evans has been testing its waterless Heavy Duty Thermal Coolant (HDTC) in a variety of heavy duty vehicles for the past two years with fuel savings ranging from 3% to over 7%.

Evans HDTC creates a huge separation between the coolant’s operating temperature and its boiling point. A fan-on temperature of 230 F, for example, is more than 100 F colder than HDTC’s boiling point of 375 F, but very close to the failure temperature of a water-based coolant.

Important maintenance benefits are also derived from using Evans HDTC. The operating temperature of the coolant is so much colder than its boiling point that vapor doesn’t form and collapse, causing vibration pitting of cylinder liners. Results from the John Deere Engine Cavitation Test (now ASTM Test Procedure D-7583) show that Evans HDTC provides the best protection against cavitation erosion of cylinder liners as compared to any other coolant (HDTC performed 70% better than the second-best fluid).

With Evans HDTC there is no pressure component from vapor. The lower cooling system pressure (3 to 4 psi) reduces stress on cooling system plumbing and hoses. If the cap is removed from a hot engine (not a recommended procedure), there is no gusher of hot coolant. Evans HDTC, if not contaminated with water, will last the life of the engine.

“The fuel economy testing Evans Cooling Systems has completed continues to validate the fuel savings advantage that Evans HDTC can deliver for trucking fleets, whether it’s stationary applications or over the road vehicles” says Mike Tourville of Evans. “As fuel and maintenance costs continue to rise, Evans offers an economical advantage over traditional water-based coolants.”