ABC Companies Selects Detroit Diesel DD13 for Emissions Solution

Detroit Diesel announces that its DD13 engine has been chosen by ABC Companies for the company's 2011 motor coaches.

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Detroit Diesel announces that ABC Companies has selected the Detroit Diesel DD13 engine for its initial introduction into the 2010 emissions offerings of its 2011 model year motor coaches. ABC Companies is the U.S.-based distributor of renowned Belgian motorcoach manufacturer Van Hool NV.

The relationship between Detroit Diesel and Van Hool began more than 20 years ago, when the company ordered its first Series 60 engine. Since then, this leading provider of motorcoaches, transit buses, double deck buses and mini-buses has bought more than 2,000 engines from Detroit Diesel.

Detroit Diesel worked closely with ABC Companies to develop a unique configuration of its DD13 engine specifically for its motorcoach products.

“Detroit Diesel has provided excellent engineering support from the very beginning of our relationship,” says Ashley Cornell, vice president of CustomerCare for ABC Companies. “Not only is the engine easy to install and service, but its reliability and fuel economy continue to exceed our expectations.

The DD13 engine delivers power and torque on demand, with a long flat torque range of 500 RPM. Equipped with Detroit Diesel BlueTec SCR emissions technology and the exclusive 1-Box emission package, the DD13 provides unmatched reliability and fuel economy.