Puradyn Supplying Engine Bypass Oil Filtration Systems to John Deere

Puradyn announces it will be supplying its engine bypass oil filtration system to John Deere for the company's construction and forestry products.

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Puradyn Filter Technologies Incorporated announces it has been selected to supply its engine bypass oil filtration systems to John Deere for the company’s Construction and Forestry products.

Puradyn designs and manufactures the puraDYN oil filtration system, a high efficiency bypass oil filtration system for all types and sizes of engines to maintain engine oil cleanliness and chemical balance.

Kevin G. Kroger, President and Chief Operating Officer, Puradyn, states, “Approximately five years ago, we began working with the Construction & Forestry Division as part of a program to help reduce customers’ operating cost through condition-based maintenance. The resultant success of this program was the beginning of our relationship.

“Continued pressure of higher oil prices is forcing companies to look for alternatives to help reduce operating costs. Puradyn’s bypass oil filtration for engines is a valuable solution that continues to demonstrate its cost savings effectiveness everyday in a multitude of industries. With its micro-fine filtration technology, which removes solid contaminants to below one micron, removes water, and replenishes the base additives and viscosity enhancer, the puraDYN system allows equipment owners to operate machines on continuously clean oil, reducing operating and repair cost while keeping the equipment functioning at peak performance.”

Kroger concludes, “Puradyn is honored and proud to join John Deere’s family of suppliers.”