Volvo Penta and Sandvik Form Partnership

Volvo Penta has signed a cooperative agreement to supply Sandvik with engines for its mining and construction machinery.

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With rapid advances in technology and emission legislation, not only the choice of technology but also the choice of engine supplier has become an important issue for equipment manufacturers for the construction industry.

In 2011, Volvo Penta and Sandvik Mining and Construction AB signed a cooperation agreement with the goal to enhance the long-term competitiveness of Sandvik’s products.

Since that agreement, Sandvik has introduced Volvo Penta engines in several models from its product lines for crushers, drilling rigs, loaders and haulers.

“Volvo Penta has been receptive to our requirements during the development and we are pleased with the engineering support they provide us,” says Chris Jobburn, Senior Product Support Engineer at Sandvik Construction.

Installing after-treatment systems has proven to be a major issue for many equipment builders in the U.S. and the EU. For Sandvik engineers, the SCR technology has not been a major challenge:

“This is just another regular engine installation,” comments Seppo Karhu, Manager for engine installations at Sandvik Mining, after the first-ever loader with SCR for mining and tunnelling applications had been developed.

“With the SCR technology, ventilation rates become so low that it is no longer toxic emissions, but CO2 or fuel consumption that sets the limits. And the Volvo engines have low fuel consumption,” says Olli Koivisto, Global Product Line Manager for Load and Haul at Sandvik Mining.