Omnitek Engineering Relocating to Larger Facility

To better accommodate increased demand for its diesel-to-natural gas engine conversions, Omnitek Engineering is relocating to a new facility with double the capacity of its current location.

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Omnitek Engineering Corporation announces the signing of a new lease for a facility near its current location that more than doubles its size to approximately 25,000 square feet -- an initiative intended to support the anticipated strong domestic demand for diesel-to-natural gas engine conversions, as well as continued international market growth.

As recently announced, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the company’s submission for its diesel-to-natural gas conversion technology for the widely operated line of heavy-duty Navistar DT466E and DT530E engines under specific and rigorous criteria related to the agency’s Outside Useful Life definition.

“In addition to conversion activities related to these two Navistar engines and the different configurations, which represents an estimated addressable market of 1.5 million potential conversions, the new facility is designed to support additional engine development programs – including sales support, training and manufacturing,” says Werner Funk, President and Chief Executive Officer of Omnitek Engineering.

“We are continuing to focus on appointing dealers and authorized installers to support anticipated demand for conversions, and look forward to significant domestic growth from the build-out of our domestic conversion centers across the United States,” Funk adds.

The company expects to obtain EPA approval for other diesel engine models to address the anticipated increasing demand from trucking fleets that operate with other diesel engine models. Industry sources estimate the total number of heavy-duty diesel trucks in the USA exceeds eight million and the large majority of these trucks could benefit from Omnitek’s patented technology, which has been utilized outside the United States since 2001.

The company’s new headquarters will be located at 1333 Keystone Way, Vista, CA, effective March 1, 2013.