WIX Filters Introduced Over 600 New Products in 2012

To continue meeting demanding filtration needs in heavy-duty equipment, WIX Filters introduced over 600 new products in 2012.

WIX Filters, a member of the Affinia Group family of brands, introduced 626 new parts in 2012, with more than 71% of the new part numbers serving the industrial market segment. This total includes 446 industrial and 180 traditional light-duty and heavy-duty filter applications.

“At WIX Filters, we are dedicated to ongoing improvement of our product offerings,” says Donald Chilton, North American Product Development Manager at WIX. “Industrial filter applications have experienced a tremendous growth in the past two years and we are constantly refining and adding to our product lines to meet customer needs.”

WIX has introduced more than 9,000 industrial filters in the past two years serving the expanding construction, marine, mining, oil and energy exploration fields.

In addition, WIX will also launch 50 new ProTec cabin air filter applications in the domestic and foreign nameplate passenger car category in first quarter 2013.

“We will continue to generate new products and extend our distribution footprint as part of our ongoing product strategy focused on innovation and product improvement,” says Mike Harvey, Brand Manager for WIX Filters. “WIX is known for excellence and quality products and we will continually improve filter design and generate new applications to better serve our customers.”