Cummins Turbo Technologies introducing Series 900 turbocharger at CONEXPO

Cummins Turbo Technologies will introduce its Series 900 turbocharger with up to a 10% increase in efficiency at CONEXPO 2014.

Series 900 turbocharger
Series 900 turbocharger
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Cummins Turbo Technologies, a global engineering leader in turbocharger technology, has revealed a new addition to the existing range of large turbochargers for engines 16 liters and above. This extensive range provides robust flexible solutions for the off-highway sector

The launch will allow Cummins Turbo Technologies to bring to market the most efficient turbochargers in this range with new technologies capable of improving overall turbocharger efficiency of a typical application by up to 10%.

The announcement, being made at CONEXPO 2014, follows the company’s unveiling of a range of products for the off-highway market last year at BAUMA 2013, and marks its continued commitment to the sector.

The new Series 900, which has been designed to meet the diverse duty cycles of this engine range, draws on Cummins Turbo Technologies’ 30 years of experience of developing and manufacturing turbochargers for the 16 liters and above market. The robust and durable technologies that the complete range offers are suitable for applications from 400 to 6,400 hp (294 to 4,707 kW).  

Executive Director for Product Line Management & Marketing, Mark Firth says, “We’re delighted to unveil this range at CONEXPO. Our Holset turbochargers are the component of choice for many international off-highway customers. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf products. We understand that downtime is a prime concern for this sector and work in partnership with our customers to develop advanced technological solutions that are fit for market. Our development process is perfectly tailored to ensure it matches the customer’s service strategy, therefore installing confidence in the products, which is vitally important for the equipment manufacturer and owner.

“The research and development of the Series 900 has allowed us to take the advances this turbocharger offers and drive them across the already robust and flexible product range, Series 800 and Series 1000, to create the most efficient and diverse turbochargers we have ever produced for the 16 liter and above engine range.”

Cummins Turbo Technologies also unveiled plans for investment in future technology solutions for the range to improve fuel efficiency. The shift in focus to prioritize fuel economy highlights Cummins Turbo Technologies’ belief that the industry has now reached the tipping-point at which global engine and equipment manufacturers are developing products designed to insulate customers from rising fuel prices.

Firth adds, “Our close working relationship with customers always informs the focus of our research and development and that has shaped not just these developments which we are showcasing at CONEXPO but also the further extensions to the range that we have planned.

“These competitive, market-proven products and technologies draw on our heritage of innovation and engineering excellence and will continue to deliver savings to our customers without ever compromising on performance.”