New Holland adds PM Catalyst to T4.75 PowerStar for Tier 4 Final compliance

The upgraded T4.75 PowerStar from New Holland features a Particulate Matter Catalyst to meet Tier 4 Final regulations.

New Holland T475 Power Star Tractor Upgrade
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New Holland has significantly upgraded the T4.75 PowerStar Series, which is the first in North America to feature PM Catalyst (Particulate Matter Catalyst) technology for Tier 4 Final (Tier 4B) compliance. It also benefits from Common Rail technology for lower fuel consumption and improved operating productivity and efficiency.

“The T4.75 PowerStar is a hit amongst livestock and small scale farmers,” states Luca Mainardi, Head of Tractor and Precision Land Management Product Management. “Its ease of use and segment-leading comfort is perfectly complemented by up to 13% fuel savings and state-of-the-art and exclusive PM Catalyst technology for Tier 4B compliance.”

Common Rail engine technology with PM Catalyst

The T4.75 PowerStar Series is powered by a 3.4 liter, Common Rail F5C engine with PM Catalyst technology for Tier 4B compliance. Developed by New Holland’s sister company, FPT Industrial, the PM Catalyst is located in the exhaust system downstream of the diesel oxidation catalyst. When particulate matter contained in the exhaust gas passes through it, it is burned off. This filter never blocks due to the high flow of exhaust gas, and does not require regeneration. This system requires no additional efforts from the operator to activate the cleansing process and best of all, the system is absolutely maintenance free, an industry first. To date, FPT Industrial has produced 500,000 engines with PM Catalyst technology and the system has been designed to last the life of the product.

New Holland introduced Common Rail engines to agriculture in 2003, and today’s T4.75 PowerStar benefits from this technology. Precision fueling enables enhanced response when the engine is placed under load. Moreover, as exactly the precise quantity of fuel required is injected, fuel savings of up to 13% have been achieved. The flat engine curve between 1,900 to 2,100 rpm maintains maximum power over a larger working range for improved operational flexibility, especially when working with power hungry implements such as forage wagons. A power-to-weight ratio of 30.4 kg/hp delivers outstanding productivity while reducing yield-impacting in-field compaction.

The T4.75 PowerStar’s already industry-leading service intervals have been further extended by 20% to 600 hours, resulting in higher productivity and lower downtime and operating costs.

Enhanced operating comfort: dedicated baler bar

Operator comfort is of paramount importance to ensure productivity at the end of a long working day. As such, the T4 PowerStar’s best-in-class cab has been further enhanced with the addition of an optional dedicated baler bar, which is used to mount in-cab monitors, such as those for balers and wrappers. Its location, to the right of the operator, means that it is in the ideal line of sight when working.