Afton Chemical presenting on impact of biodiesel on oxidation stability of engine oils

Dr. Peter Carress of Afton Chemical will present at the UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress on the impact of biodiesel on the oxidation of engine oils.

Afton Chemical will be presenting at the annual UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress, in addition to being an event sponsor.  The event takes place in Stuttgart on April 1 to 2, 2014.

Dr. Peter Carress, Senior Technical Advisor at Afton Chemical, will discuss the impact of biodiesel on the oxidation stability of engine oils. He will look at the reasons for improved oxidation stability – including biodiesel, engine design and drain intervals. In addition, laboratory methods and engine tests used to evaluate the oxidative stability will be reviewed, together with field testing experience and its correlation to performance.

The event brings together specialists of the lube and fuel sector as well as experts of the mechanical engineering and automotive industry. The topics will cover the most recent industry trends in lubricants and fuels, from both research and practical applications.