Volvo Penta forms new supply agreements with three Italian OEMs

Volvo Penta has formed supply agreements with three OEMs of agriculture, construction and materials handling equipment located in Italy.

A Caffini self-propelled Striker sprayer, which will be equipped with a Volvo Penta TAD571VE engine.
A Caffini self-propelled Striker sprayer, which will be equipped with a Volvo Penta TAD571VE engine.
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Volvo Penta has recently made an impressive run of new industrial engine supply agreements, netting three new customers in three segments — agriculture, construction and materials handling. These deals demonstrate the engine supplier’s strength and suitability in these segments — as well as provide momentum for the company’s expansion in Italy.

“OEMs know the Volvo name in general, but they don’t necessarily know about Volvo Penta specifically or about our line of industrial engines. These three new customers are industry innovators and are excellent references for us in their respective segments,” says Giacomo Mondini, Sales Manager at Volvo Penta Italy.

New partnerships  

Caffini — Based in Palù near Verona, Caffini produces a range of agricultural sprayers. The company’s line of self-propelled sprayers, with booms up to 36 m wide, are used in large-scale open-field farming operations, orchards and vineyards in 40 countries worldwide including the US, Ukraine, China, India and Russia.

Family-owned Caffini has a history of innovation and strives to make its products as environmentally friendly as possible. “When we were looking at Stage IV solutions, we wanted an engine supplier that shares our values — and Volvo Penta does,” says Gerardo Caffini, Technical Director and owner at Caffini. “We were also impressed with the simplicity of installation and the strength of Volvo’s dealer network.”

Caffini received its first engine from Volvo Penta — a five-liter TAD571VE unit (129 kW) — at the end of May. The two companies are working together to identify the perfect project for the first prototype, a ‘Striker’ self-propelled sprayer that will be displayed at the Eima agricultural exhibition in Bologna in November. The company plans to install Volvo Penta engines as standard across its entire range.

Gasparin Impianti — This spring, crushing and screening machine manufacturer Gasparin Impianti took delivery of an eight-liter Volvo Penta TAD873VE (235 kW) along with a full package of add-ons — including radiators and air filters — for use in a medium-sized crusher prototype. Gasparin, based in Trevignano outside of Venice, will begin using Volvo Penta as its supplier for Stage II/Tier 2, Stage III/Tier 3 and Stage IV/Tier 4 Final five-, eight- and 13-liter engines.

Tre SM — Tre SM, which is based in Lentigione near Parma, is a material handling company that has recently started refitting used machines with new engines from Volvo Penta. Tre SM has also recently formed a new venture called FTMH (Fantuzzi Team Material Handling). The company installed an 11-liter Stage IV/Tier 4 Final TAD1170VE engine (235 kW) in an FT45/60 reach stacker for full containers, which was unveiled at the CeMAT materials handling exhibition in Hannover in May. The company will also use the TAD1171VE in its largest reach stackers.