John Deere makes Tier 4 Final, operator comfort and performance updates to 5M utility tractors

John Deere has updated its 5M utility tractors to include an aftertreatment system to meet Tier 4 Final, and a premium cab with operator comfort enhancements.

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John Deere has made changes to its high-spec 5M model lineup, popular with rural property owners, farmers and ranchers, turf maintenance customers, and governmental agencies. These updates include the addition of aftertreatment systems to meet Tier 4 Final compliance, and a host of comfort, convenience and performance features that deliver enhanced customer value starting with model year 2015 tractors.

The changes impact the complete range of 5M Utility Tractors, ranging from 75 to 115 hp. The 3-cylinder 5075M model will have John Deere’s diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) solution with no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) required. The 5075M will also feature modern styling with chrome headlight bezels, a full range of isolated open operator stations and cabs, and new factory installed options such as front fenders and cab fender extensions, according to Brad Aldridge, product marketing manager for 5M Tractors at John Deere.

“The no-hassle emissions regeneration system on the 5075M, combined with our durable 2.9 liter PowerTech engine, delivers simple ease of use and low cost of operation to customers,” Aldridge explains. “In addition, the new line of fully isolated platforms provides premium operator comfort, helping to maximize productivity and efficiency during long days in the field.”

The 4-cylinder 5Ms (5085M, 5100M, 5115M) will have a DOC/SCR (selective catalytic reduction) solution using DEF to meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards. They also feature a compact cooling package and a new, low sloping hood that will improve efficiency in loader applications. Their powerful 4.5 liter John Deere PowerTech engines are designed with an increased power bulge of up to 4% and a 30% torque rise for improved performance under load.

Servicing of the cooling system has never been easier with a slide out condenser, sliding oil cooler, tiltable charge air cooler, and removable radiator screen. Optional LED worklights provide brighter lighting for working late in the day or early in the morning.

“Other feature updates include fully isolated operator platforms, increased cab storage, a premium LED instrument cluster, an optional low frequency air suspension seat with heater, and an expanded line of larger Group 44 radial tires,” explains Aldridge.

Step up to a premium cab on a 4-cylinder 5M to experience the new sound system. An updated radio and speaker system includes two front-mounted 4x6 coaxial speakers and a subwoofer behind the seat. New front sunshade and sunroof design further enhances convenience and ease of operation.

These improvements are on top of the 16F/16R PowrReverser and 32F/16R PowrReverser transmissions, heavy-duty hitch capacity, and hydraulic capacity that have made the 5M so popular with a wide variety of customers. 

“We’ve improved exterior lighting packages, increased operator comfort, and enhanced performance, all while maintaining low cost of operation compared to previous models,” Aldridge says. “The new 5M Utility Tractors offer a premium package of comfort, performance and optionality that provide the ultimate in versatility across a wide range of applications. Each 5M model has been designed and built to provide years of reliable performance to customers in a wide variety of markets.” 

All 5M models can be matched with a wide variety of John Deere and Frontier implements to make them even more versatile.