Ricardo supporting Clean Air Power's first production of a diesel-natural gas engine

Ricardo is working with Clean Air Power on the first phase of production for a diesel-natural gas engine using Clean Air Power's MicroPilot technology.

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Following the successful conclusion of the concept study with a global truck manufacturer announced in February 2014, the collaboration between Clean Air Power and Ricardo will now move on to commence the first phase of a production development of a diesel-natural gas engine based on Clean Air Power’s MicroPilot technology, targeted at South East Asian and other markets.

This first phase of the program is targeted to commence in September 2014 and will last six months. If successful, the program will then enter a second phase with the objective to bring a MicroPilot diesel-natural gas engine for the South East Asian and other markets to the start of production in 2017. Clean Air Power will continue to be supported by Ricardo as part of the co-operation agreement signed in September 2013.

“We are delighted to be moving from the concept phase to the first phase of production development on a MicroPilot diesel-natural gas engine with the potential to deliver a significant improvement in performance and efficiency,” comments Clean Air Power CEO John Pettitt. “Our client is a progressive, global truck manufacturer with a bold ambition for the future application of compression-ignited natural gas engines. Its commitment to move ahead with this next phase demonstrates the quality of our technology and the value that our relationship with Ricardo can bring to OEM partners. Our ambition is to become a global design, development and delivery partner of compression-ignited natural gas engines and we are excited about the potential of this latest success to open the door to other OEMs partnerships.”

“Ricardo congratulates Clean Air Power on the announcement this important project,” adds Ricardo Engines Business MD Ian Penny. “Natural gas is an important future low carbon fuel for a range of industries and vehicle applications. Clean Air Power’s Micropilot technology offers a potentially very practical and attractive means of improving the efficiency and reducing the emissions of truck diesel engines. We look forward to working with Clean Air Power on this exciting project.”