Omnitek forms partnership to bring natural gas engines to Mexico

Omnitek has formed a partnership with LKQ Corp. to produce drop-in natural gas engines in Mexico.

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Omnitek Engineering Corp. announces it has established a strategic alliance with LKQ Corporation to produce “drop-in” natural gas engines at the company’s facility in Monterrey, Mexico, initially for the widely utilized Mercedes OM904 and OM906 engines.
“This strategic alliance addresses the pent-up demand in Mexico to convert diesel engines to natural gas utilizing a cost-effective and timely process that is similar to an engine overhaul. We look forward to working with LKQ in offering as-new natural gas converted engines to accelerate the transition of diesel fleets in Mexico to natural gas,” says Werner Funk, President and Chief Executive Officer of Omnitek Engineering Corp.
Funk notes that Omnitek’s conversion technology provides fleets with a 100% dedicated natural gas engine at a fraction of the cost of a new natural gas engine, with the strategic alliance providing an assembly-line remanufacturing process offering the benefits of capacity, consistency and quality. “This alliance will enable us to address large markets in Mexico and Latin America, and we look forward to working with LKQ to offer additional engine models in the future,” Funk says.
“This alliance with Omnitek allows LKQ to participate in a rapidly accelerating market in a country that is committed to lowering air pollution and utilizing clean-burning and inexpensive natural gas,” says Robert L. Wagman, President and Chief Executive Officer of LKQ Corporation.
“We are currently in the technical phase of the project and anticipate ramping up within a few months, with a goal of commencing full-production of natural gas engines in 2015. Mexico represents a tremendous opportunity and our capacity in Monterrey is more than sufficient to address the anticipated demand from large fleet customers for Omnitek’s conversion technology and drop-in engines,” says Scott Miller, Vice President/ Remanufacturing of LKQ Corporation.