Solvaro providing engine-cooling air grilles for Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses

Solvaro has supplied EvoBus with air grilles that will enable cooling air to reach the engine of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro.

The trapezoidal shape of the Solvaro air grille not only ensures stability, but also expands the surface area, thus increasing air passage.
The trapezoidal shape of the Solvaro air grille not only ensures stability, but also expands the surface area, thus increasing air passage.

Solvaro GmbH, manufacturer of individual sheet metal parts for industrial use, has supplied EvoBus with a series of air grilles for the Mercedes-Benz Citaro. With high air passage, these will play a key role in supplying cooling air to the engine. The sizes and models provided vary depending on the different bus models. The high-quality components impress one and all. Solvaro has received another order from Mannheim. This time for a component that will be used as a splash guard.

A well-cooled engine consumes less fuel

Since the introduction of the Euro 6 emissions standard for road vehicles, all variables affecting fuel consumption, and consequently also engine cooling, are at the heart of development efforts. Air grilles with high air passage play an important role in providing the necessary cooling air to the engine. In the case of Solvaro's cooling grilles for EvoBus, the air passes through a 0.7 mm thick sheet fitted with Rv 4-5 perforation. An air passage level of 58.05% is reached. The trapezoidal shape of the profile ensures a high level of stability despite the high permeability. In addition, this shape also enables a larger surface area, thus increasing air passage. The grilles can withstand all types of weather and stone chips, as they are produced from 1.4301 stainless steel.

Impressive individual finishing

The requirements facing suppliers of components in the automotive industry are not just increasing in terms of product quality. Ideally, the perfectly functioning products should also be as simple to install as possible. Gerhard Bullinger, CEO of Solvaro GmbH, based in Kirchheim, reports that Solvaro is investing heavily in additional technologies for this reason. Regarding the components manufactured for EvoBus, he says, "The Citaro air grilles for EvoBus feature rivet holes and cut-outs for the lock. Also, depending on the model, we provide not only different sizes, but also either coated or uncoated versions. The grilles can be installed in the corresponding frames without any additional preparation." In order to succeed in the automotive industry in the future, it will be necessary to provide a flexible response to customer requirements and to offer added value. The Kirchheim company adopts a flexible approach in terms of both development and production. Solvaro also provides small quantities on request, such spare part orders, for example.