Quantum Fuel Systems develops in-house test and validation facility for CNG fuel storage tanks

Quantum Fuel Systems has developed an in-house test and validation facility for its CNG fuel storage tanks which simulates the effects of extreme road use to test the integrity and strength of the tank.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc., a global leader in natural gas storage systems, integration and vehicle system technologies, announces it has developed a technologically advanced in-house test and validation facility that is unique for testing its CNG fuel storage modules intended for over-the-road heavy-duty trucks. The test equipment and facility simulates the combined effects of extreme road use to assure the integrity and strength of fuel storage module systems for heavy-duty vehicle applications.    

"Refining our advanced in-house test and validation capabilities to complement our systems integration and commercialization expertise enables us to implement changes early in the product development cycle to simulate real driving conditions such that our prototype, pre-production, and production modules satisfy specific customer requirements," says Brian Olson, President and CEO of Quantum. "The road data that we acquire from test vehicles, and use as part of the input for our validation testing, provides us the confidence that safety and reliability come first in our product offerings." 

The core methodology behind Quantum's product development and validation testing is based on over 20 years of vehicle level experience providing production products to the OEMs. This fundamental process for OEM-level product development necessitates putting a high importance on fundamental performance, safety, and durability testing such as crash testing, static loads, vibration, EMI, thermal, corrosion and salt spray tests. All Quantum's products undergo the appropriate level of testing commensurate with the product application to ensure that systems are designed and produced in accordance with their intended vehicle use.