Trilogy introduces 60-DGE Mini Back of Cab CNG system at Work Truck Show

During the 2015 Work Truck Show, Trilogy introduced its new 60-DGE Mini Back of Cab CNG system featuring Luxfer G-Stor Pro Type 4 fuel cylinders.

Trilogy Engineered Solutions introduced its new unibody, aerodynamic 60-DGE Mini Back of Cab CNG System at the NTEA Work Truck Show March 4 to 6 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN.

“Our new system introduces Trilogy to new markets, including beverage and dual-fuel,” says Matt Lawrence, CFO at Trilogy.

Originally intended for truck users who travel 300 miles or less a day, the system is available in capacities of 43 and 60 DGE and is compatible with medium- and heavy-duty trucks. A small footprint allows a tighter turn radius that helps beverage trucks avoid jackknifing, especially when making city deliveries. The system also works well for dual-fuel vehicles, because it can be used without removing the diesel saddle.

The system features Luxfer G-Stor Pro Type 3 cylinders and Luxfer One-turn Valves that make the system lighter and optimize filling capacity, as well as Luxfer’s flow-splitter technology that manages heat more efficiently during filling, reducing the number of potential leak points, improving flow rates and increasing the achievable fill.

“The introduction of Trilogy’s Mini Back of Cab fuel-delivery system begins a new era in which cutting-edge components have been designed specifically with the heavy-duty truck in mind,” says Art Holbert, Integrated Services and Engineering Manager at Trilogy.

Trilogy plans to improve its earlier Hybrid Back of Cab systems by incorporating the same Luxfer technology package. No major design changes will be needed.

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