Tenneco supplying Kubota with SCR systems

Tenneco is supplying Tier 4 Final-compliant SCR systems for Kubota's 3.8 and 6.1 liter engines that will be integrated into new agricultural equipment.

Tenneco announces that it is supplying key aftertreatment technologies to Kubota, a leading global manufacturer of engines and equipment for agricultural and industrial applications. The company is in serial production with a complete selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system that meets both Tier 4 Final and Stage IV emissions regulations for Kubota’s 3.8 L diesel engine and all-new 6.1 L engine for new agricultural equipment, slated for production later this year. This is the first SCR system to be produced at Tenneco’s manufacturing facility in Osaka, Japan.

Tenneco’s SCR system includes a high-performance dosing technology that features a compact airless injector, a pump that enables unique return flow cooling, technology for rapid thawing, and complete control and diagnostics that seamlessly integrate with the engine management. Additionally, the company is providing full system integration capabilities to Kubota, supporting enhanced fuel economy and aftertreatment performance through weight reduction, optimized thermal management and efficient system design.

“We’re proud to support Kubota by providing aftertreatment solutions that deliver improved engine performance,” says Jeff Jarrell, Vice President and Managing Director, Tenneco Japan and Korea. “Tenneco’s SCR technology and systems integration expertise are helping Kubota successfully meet stringent emissions targets for its current and future agricultural tractor as well as construction equipment platforms.”

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