Komatsu launches D85-18 crawler dozer with two track options to meet application needs

Komatsu's new Tier 4 Final D85-18 crawler dozer is available with in a standard EX track model or low ground pressure PX track model to meet customers' flotation and weight distribution needs.

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Komatsu America Corp., a leading global heavy equipment manufacturer, has introduced the new D85-18 dozer. With a 264 hp Komatsu SAA6D125E-7 variable geometry, turbocharged and aftercooled Tier 4 Final certified engine, this new dozer leverages Komatsu’s nearly 20 years of experience and innovative leadership in emissions technology to deliver a high-performance, more environmentally-friendly engine that burns up to 5% less fuel and costs less to operate.

A standard EX track model and a low ground pressure PX track model are available to offer customers flotation and weight distribution options that best match their needs.

“For anyone looking for a large construction or small mining size dozer, the D85-18 hits the sweet spot,” says Chuck Murawski, Komatsu America Product Manager. “Whether you’re dozing, leveling or spreading, it has the speed and power to get the job done and it saves you fuel in the bargain.”

The crawler dozers are equipped with the latest KOMTRAX technology. Data such as fuel levels, DEF levels, operating hours, location, cautions and maintenance alerts are relayed to the web application for analysis. A new Operator Identification System reports key operating information for multiple operators and a new Auto Idle Shutdown function helps reduce idle time as well as operating costs.

Special features of these new crawler dozers include:

Komatsu EPA Tier 4 Final Emissions Certified Engine – Productive, Dependable, Efficient

  • Komatsu has built upon its strengths using a proven Tier 4 Interim foundation to integrate Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) that further reduces NOx emissions using Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). The Komatsu EPA Tier 4 Final engine uses an advanced electronic control system to manage the air-flow rate, fuel injection, combustion parameters, and aftertreatment functions to optimize performance, reduce emissions and provide advanced diagnostic capability. The result is lower fuel consumption with no loss of performance. Komatsu continues to use a Komatsu Variable Geometry Turbocharger (KVGT) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve with hydraulic actuator for more precise temperature and air management control as well as longer component life.
  • To ensure product reliability and durability in demanding conditions, Komatsu developed the entire system, including the control software, which is critical to the effective operation of the aftertreatment system. This control system is also integrated into the machine’s on-board diagnostics systems and KOMTRAX, Komatsu's standard telematics system.

Innovative SIGMADOZER blade for unsurpassed productivity

  • The D85EX-18 is equipped with a 9.4 yd³ SIGMADOZER blade which gives the machine a high blade capacity. The SIGMADOZER with standard power pitch dramatically improves dozing performance and increases productivity by up to 15% over a conventional Semi-U blade. The blade features a frontal design concept adopted for digging and rolling material at the center of the blade. The unique blade shape increases soil-holding capacity. Digging resistance is reduced for a smoother flow of material so larger amounts of soil can be dozed with less power.
  • The protruding cutting edge of the SIGMADOZER resembles a spade nose shovel whereas the straight cutting edge of a conventional Semi-U blade resembles a flat shovel. The SIGMADOZER works similarly to a spade nose shovel because it is easier to push through the soil and requires less energy.

Automatic shift transmission significantly improves fuel economy

  • The D85-18 has a new automatic transmission that reduces fuel consumption by up to 5% and offers greater powertrain efficiency. Two gearshift modes – automatic or manual – can be easily selected to fit the appropriate application: automatic for all general dozing and manual for dozing and ripping rough ground.
  • E- and P-Modes help match machine performance to the application. E-Mode is chosen for all general dozing, leveling and spreading applications providing adequate speed and power while saving up to 10% fuel usage. P-Mode is chosen for heavier applications where engine power has priority over fuel consumption.

Ease of operation

  • Komatsu’s Palm Command Control System (PCCS) gives operators maximum control, offering a relaxed posture and superb fine control to minimize operator fatigue.
  • Powerful turns under various work conditions are achieved with the Hydrostatic Steering System (HSS) to transmit power to both tracks without interruption. Counter-rotation is available in neutral for minimum turning radius, providing excellent maneuverability.

Integrated cab design creates optimal operator environment

  • The new crawler dozer’s more comfortable working environment allows the operator to concentrate on the work at hand for increased productivity. A high capacity air suspension seat with heat is standard. The large cab is integrated with the ROPS (Roll-Over Protection Structure) for excellent side visibility. The dozer’s cab mounts reduce shocks and vibration, even in adverse conditions, creating an interior cab noise level that’s noticeably quieter.
  • A new high-resolution large color 7-inch LCD monitor with pull-down menus enables quick machine adjustments and at-a-glance service diagnostics. A new rear view monitoring system is standard and can be set to synchronize with reverse operation. Also, rear hydraulics are standard on both the EX ad PX versions.

Convenient maintenance and reduced operation costs.

  • Komatsu has designed the D85-18 with easy, routine maintenance in mind. Daily engine checks are grouped at the left hand side of the engine compartment. A manually-reversing hydraulically-driven cooling fan allows for quick cleaning of the radiator.
  • All Komatsu Tier 4 Final construction machines come with KomatsuCARE complimentary scheduled maintenance for 3 years/2000 hours whichever occurs first. KomatsuCARE work is performed by a skilled Komatsu certified technician and includes a 50-point inspection at each service and two complimentary KDPF exchanges and DEF tank flushes within the first five years. Additional SCR related items are included as an additional benefit to customers.