New Hyundai Tier 4 Final HL900 Series wheel loaders offer 10% lower fuel consumption

Hyundai's HL900 Series Tier 4 Final wheel loaders are now available in North America and provide up to 5% greater productivity and 10% lower fuel consumption.

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Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas has launched its new HL900 Series line of Tier 4 Final compliant wheel loaders, now available for sale throughout the United States and Canada. These new wheel loaders are designed for maximum performance, productivity and efficiency, and have been proven to deliver as much as 5% greater productivity and 10% lower fuel consumption than the previous 9A Series loaders.

The first models available for sale include the HL940, HL955, HL960, HL970 and HL980. Additional wheel loader models, including the HL935, and special model configurations like the popular Tool Master (TM) and Extended Reach (XT) models, will be available in the fourth quarter of 2015.

“As the workhorses in the industry, Hyundai wheel loaders are found all over North America in severe-duty applications like road building, sand and gravel pits, quarries, mines, recycling yards, lumber yards, feedlots and more,” says Corey Rogers, Marketing Manager, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. “Our customers tell us they like Hyundai machines for their power, productivity and ease of operation. The newest generation, our HL900 series, continues that legacy while adding a myriad of creature comforts, productivity enhancements and additional efficiencies that make these machines the best value on the market.”

Enlarged Cab and Productivity Features

The cab on the Hyundai HL900 Series wheel loaders is up to 10% larger than previous models, and has been reconfigured for additional floor space and improved visibility. For added operator comfort, in-cab sound levels were reduced by 3 dB, making this one of the quietest cabs in the industry. The cab is equipped with features that enhance operator productivity, including a larger 7-inch interactive touchscreen monitor, optional finger-tip controls, fully adjustable and heated air-ride seat, and centralized control switches for added convenience. The enhanced climate control system, which features high-capacity filter and additional airflow vents for optimum cooling and heating efficiency, is conveniently positioned for easy service access on the right side of the cab.

An optional Smart Start ignition system for password- or Bluetooth key-enabled machine start is also available on the HL Series, as is a new automatic weighing system with improved functionality for more efficient production management. The HL955 and larger models feature optional front locking differentials for improved tractive effort and added machine control. Another Hyundai innovation that enhances productivity is the newly designed bucket, with a deeper profile, curved side plates and a larger spill guard, for improved bucket fill and material retention.

Efficiency and Engine Technologies

Hyundai HL900 Series wheel loaders incorporate new engine technologies for Tier 4 Final compliance and include many new features that contribute to overall fuel and production efficiency. Cummins engines power the smaller HL935, HL940, HL955 and HL960 models. The larger models, including the HL970 and HL980, are powered by Scania engines. Cummins and Scania engine technologies both achieve Tier 4 Final emissions compliance through a combination of SCR (selective catalytic reduction) and DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) systems using DEF (diesel exhaust fluid).

HL900 Series loaders are up to 10% more fuel efficient than 9A Series models, as a result of such features as Hyundai’s Eco Pedal, programmable auto-engine shutdown (available with the smart key option), optional fingertip controls, Eco Gauge, and a five-speed direct drive lock-up clutch.

Eco Pedal automatically detects foot pressure and adjusts power modes according to job demand. The electro-hydraulic fingertip control, available on select models, provides additional precision and reduces operator fatigue. The dynamic color-changing Eco Gauge provides the operator with a visual reference of fuel efficiency, total fuel consumption and average fuel data. Machines can be equipped with a standard four-speed automatic transmission or an optional five-speed automatic transmission with a lockup clutch which improves efficiency and minimizes heat.

Improved Safety Features

Safety is a key design element for the new HL900 Series. For added safety when getting on and off the machine or for inspection and maintenance, Hyundai’s wheel loaders are equipped with large access steps to the cab, convenient grab handles and upper guard rails near the engine compartment. The larger cab improves cab entry and exit. Ergonomically positioned operator switches, controls and other features make it easier to quickly access critical functions. Additional features on the new wheel loaders include a speed-limit setting, which is programmable through the touchscreen monitor, and an improved rearview camera that delivers higher resolution and enhanced nighttime visibility.

Reliability and Serviceability

Hyundai has also improved serviceability and reliability on the HL900 Series wheel loaders. Hyundai continues to use premier quality components throughout the series, including ZF transmissions and axles. The new tilt-back, wide-open engine cowling design makes access to the engine, coolers and related components easier than ever. Hyundai now offers front- and rear-axle cooler options for select larger models that work in heavy load conditions like snow removal and long-distance travel applications.

A new vertically stacked cooling design with improved air flow is more efficient and easier to service. Longer-life brake discs made from sintered material improve overall braking effectiveness and service life. Pressures, operating settings, and detailed service-related information are easily accessible through the seven-inch monitor. Programmable through the monitor, cushioned stops on boom and bucket cylinders reduce shock load at the end of the cylinder stroke, extending component life, reducing material loss from the bucket and increasing operator productivity. Easy-to-reach centralized lubrication reduces machine service downtime. Additionally, the driveline center bearing is fully sealed and supported by a heavy-duty bracket for longer service life and reduced maintenance.