Renault Trucks expands distribution vehicle offerings by adding new engine options

Renault Trucks is making its 11 liter DT11 Euro 6 engine available for its D WIDE, expanding the offerings within its distribution vehicle range.

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Renault Trucks is expanding its choice of engines for the distribution range by making its 11 L DT11 Euro 6 engine available for the D WIDE. With this new engine option, the Renault Trucks D WIDE can now be equipped with two additional power ratings, 380 hp/1,800 Nm and 430 hp/2,050 Nm.

This new offering allows Renault Trucks to cover all the needs of its customers seeking vehicles with a high power rating, while retaining a low entry cab for greater comfort. Cab accessibility on the Renault Trucks D WIDE has been designed to make everyday life easier for the driver, who has to frequently get into and out of the vehicle. The D WIDE features two anti-slip stairway type steps only 340 mm from the ground.

This enables the Renault Trucks D WIDE DTI11 to perfectly satisfy the needs of activities related to the environment, tankers and even car transporters.

The Renault Trucks D WIDE is supplied with the Optidriver automated manual gearbox as standard. It can also be fitted with the Fuel Eco pack, a gearshift optimized to reduce fuel consumption, an automatic engine cutout, the Ecocruise control, the disengageable air compressor and the inhibited Power mode. For even greater driving comfort and safety, a Voith retarder is available as an additional option.

As on the D WIDE, the Renault Trucks C cab 2.3 m can also be fitted with the DTI11 engine. This vehicle is particularly suitable for environmentally related activities such as waste tips, which demand a high power rating, but also require the crew to get into and out of the cab frequently. Altogether, there are now 16 D WIDE and C 2.3 m models which are now equipped with the DTI11 engine.