TII Group Displaying SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG Products at bauma 2016

During bauma, the TII Group will display several products from its various brands including a new SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 H 06 PB with 1,000 hp PowerPack.

From April 11-17, the TII Group will present its products at bauma 2016 in Munich (FN.828). On its 2,000 m² stand, the global market leader in the production of vehicles with hydraulically-supported pendulum axles will be showcasing a large number of innovations. At bauma, as well as in the daily work of the TII Group, the customer is the focus of attention. Their feedback resulting from day-to-day transport operations flows directly into the development of new products. Many new products which have been adapted to suit the requirements in tough everyday transportation activities will be on display at bauma 2016.

Just how diverse the product portfolio of the TII Group actually is can be clearly seen in the broad range of innovations which will be featured at bauma 2016. The world’s strongest PowerBooster model, unprecedented self-propelled modular vehicles, the lightweight series for transport on public roads, special vehicles for the mining sector and equipment for landscape management will be on display on the generously-sized exhibition space in the open-air area.

"At bauma 2016, we have placed our innovative solutions center stage," says Bernd Schwengsbier, President TII Sales. "For our customers, we are much more than just a manufacturer. We are partners, consultants, trend barometer and a guarantee for the economic success of tomorrow rolled into one. This can only be carried out by one single group that places its synergies and experience completely in the service of their customers."

The following is a preview of the topics that will be communicated by the TII Group throughout bauma.  

TII Group – innovation driver in self-propelled modular transport

1,000 hp PowerBooster

For many years now, the TII Group has been successful in the market with the PowerBooster - a technology which the company developed and introduced to the industry. PowerBoosters from TII are in use around the world and now the TII Group is presenting the second generation of this technology. On display will be a SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 H 06 PB, equipped with a new, globally unique 1,000 hp PowerPack.

SPMT innovations

At bauma 2016, the TII Group will introduce several innovations from the SPMT range. The focus is on cost efficiency, versatility, emission-free operations and safety. All solutions, together with well-known advantages and benefits of a traditional SCHEUERLE SPMT, e.g. the robust design of the bogie units and electronic multi-directional steering with all the familiar steering programs. New is a wide range of features and models that increase the lead over the competition even more, and further underpin the technological leadership of the TII Group in the industry which has the largest fleet of vehicles of this type in operation in the world.

SCHEUERLE presents InterCombi SPE with Z390 EU 4 emissions standard

One of the many exhibits at bauma 2016 will be the SCHEUERLE InterCombi SPE. A PowerPack Unit (Z390/EU 4) is the drive unit for the hydrostatically driven and electronically steered transporter. Various driving maneuvers can be carried out with the steering programs: all-wheel steering lengthwise and crosswise, diagonal steering lengthwise and crosswise, front-wheel and rear-wheel steering and circle steering with individual vehicles or in a coupling mode. The vehicles are easily electronically coupled with the "classic" SPMT from the TII Group.

TII Group presents the SCHEUERLE - KAMAG K 25 PB

Another exhibit of the TII Group at bauma 2016 is the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 H, a proven modular vehicle with a hydrostatic additional drive.

TII Group – your partner for road transportation

TII Group presents new developments in road transport

At bauma 2016, the TII Group will be exhibiting a completely new development in the area of road transportation. More information will be provided at the press conference on 13.04.2016 at 11:00 on the TII Group stand.

TII Group expands portfolio for the U.S. market

The solutions for the U.S. market being presented at bauma 2016 build on the successes of the models that are already available on the American market. They simplify approval procedures for empty runs, combine the requirements for the transportation of oversized loads, as well as point loads on an individual vehicle, thus allowing the operator to carry out an unprecedented wide range of transport assignments with just one modular vehicle. Such a range of possibilities are only offered by vehicles from the TII Group.

TII Group presents the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS Euroflex and EuroLight for payloads from 32 tonnes

With the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS Euro Flex and drop deck trailer SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS Euro Light, the TII Group is showcasing two additional lightweight and cost-effective vehicles for the transport of loads under 100 tonnes on public roads which cover numerous payload and fields of application through a large number of variants.

SCHEUERLE presents the EuroCompact 2+2+5

The SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS Euro Compact on display at bauma 2016 is a robust all-rounder produced using lightweight construction for the transportation of construction machinery and stands out due to a particularly good payload/tare weight ratio. Through a recessed coupling positioned between the first axle line of the dolly bogie unit along with other optimizations such as the moulded coupling points in the vehicle frame, the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact has gained almost 1 m extra loading length whilst the combination length has remained the same.

In the spacious prism boom recess, even large excavator arms can easily be accommodated. A 2+2+5 combination with excavator deck is being exhibited at bauma 2016 that is realized by the very easy addition of a further two-axle bogie in a 2+5 combination. With the EuroCompact, TII Group customers can also transport loads if required that are usually reserved for modular vehicles and, in so doing, gain a strategic advantage over their competitors.

At bauma 2016, a combination consisting of a K25 H PowerBooster and SCHEUERLE rotor  blade adapter will be showcased. Rotor blades of wind turbines often provide haulage companies with a difficult assignment. Particularly during the "last mile," the transport often becomes especially tricky when tight corners or obstacles have to be overcome. Here, the rotor blade adapter, which was introduced by SCHEUERLE to the market, provides an ideal solution. With the help of the rotor blade adapter, rotor blades can avoid obstacles such as trees or buildings. Also on inclines or narrow winding roads, the position of the rotor blade can be adjusted without any loss of time during the journey. Thus, rotor blades, depending on the type of blade, can be raised up to an angle of 70 degrees in order to avoid obstacles that would otherwise cause major problems. Through an integrated swivel drive, the rotor blade can be rotated along its own axis in order to provide as little wind resistance as possible. A sensor provides a warning if a parametizable wind speed is exceeded. Hydraulically-controlled counterweights guarantee the required balance. This extremely tilt-resistant combination is only realized by the TII Group and ensures absolute safety during transportation.

TII Group – your full range supplier

NICOLAS Tractomas

The very first glance shows confirms that the super truck from NICOLAS is no ordinary tractor. The dimensions of more than 10 m long, 3.5 m wide and 4.6 m high, speak its own language. Except for the driver's cab, which originates from large-scale truck manufacturing, everything else is special vehicle production. At bauma 2016, an 8x8 model can be marvelled at as it´s put through its paves. The NICOLAS Tractomas is the world's most powerful tractor and is even featured in the Guinness Book of Records.

KAMAG presents the electrically driven Wiesel interchangeable lifting truck

The German market leader KAMAG "Wiesel" is designed for in-plant transportation of swap bodies of all sizes, as well as semi-trailers and trailers. At bauma 2016, an emission-free, electrically driven version will be unveiled. The efficient all-rounder guarantees top performance during the handling of swap bodies even under the toughest of conditions. "Wiesel" customers include well-known logistics companies, mail-order houses, various postal and industrial enterprises, as well as CEP companies (courier, express, parcel services).


NICOLAS Industrie is well-known around the world as part of the TII Group, leaders in the production of heavy-duty vehicles. However, NICOLAS now expands its auxiliary equipment for tractors which has been successfully used for decades in the agriculture and forestry management, as well as by municipalities for landscape maintenance in France to Germany. At bauma 2016, the NATURA and EVORA offsetting shredders from NICOLAS will be on display.