Hyundai Launches the New 160D-9 Forklift Truck at bauma 2016

Hyundai's new 160D-9 forklift features a Stage IV Cummins engine and fully hydrostatic power steering to prevent over-run and kickback on the machine.

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Hyundai launched a brand new heavy-line diesel forklift, the 160D-9, at the bauma 2016 construction equipment exhibition. The new high-performance diesel counterbalance truck is the latest in the 9-Series of machines.

The new 160D-9 forklift provides every operator comfortable driving, increased productivity and easy maintenance. The machine also offers optimal safety, is environmentally friendly and ergonomically designed. The Hyundai diesel range of forklifts now encompasses machines with a lift capacity of 1,500 kg (1.5 tonnes) up to 25,000 kg (25 tonnes).

The new 160D-9 has a lift capacity of 16,000 kg (16 tonne) and a load center of 600 mm and is driven by a high powered Cummins QSB6.7 Engine 112 kW/2,300 rpm engine. The machine is designed for heavy-duty applications to move large, heavy material such as timber, lumber, containers, concrete products and steel products.

The Cummins Stage IV compliant engine is ultra-low in emissions - it uses a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a selective catalytic reactor (SCR) where ad blue is used as an additive to achieve Stage IV emissions. This combination of DOC and SCR reduces downtime, and in turn makes it ‘hassle free for the operator.’ Other advantages of using a high-output engine is greater acceleration, improved gradeability and a faster travel speed on any tough terrain or slope.

High technology systems

The combination of a ZF fully-automatic transmission and a Kessler front axle makes the 160D-9 easy to handle and smooth gear shifting.

The machine is equipped with a load sensing hydraulic system – the Bosch Rexroth variable displacement pumps ensure that the machine power is used more efficiently and therefore helps reduce fuel consumption.

The fully hydrostatic power steering system prevents over-run and kickback on the machine and a durable drive axle smoothly delivers the desired torque to the drive wheels whilst the wet brake system (which comes as standard) is virtually maintenance free.

Ergonomic and productivity features

The newly designed cabin provides excellent all-around visibility and plenty of space ensuring the operator is comfortable in his/her working environment. The position of the pedals has been revised and the steering column can be adjusted to offer the operator a smoother drive and ultimate comfort in his/her seat whilst working. Added to this is the ergonomically designed suspended seat with weight adjustment system.

Advanced safety features

A speed limiter comes as standard which is easy to program via the machine's display monitor enabling smooth and safe operation of the vehicle. 

Depending on the application, the operator can select engine mode with a quick adjustment to the side panel switch. STD (Standard) Mode offers fuel reduction when the machine is on light-duty maneuvers and POWER Mode for heavy-duty work or when operating on a slope.

A load indicator, which is an optional extra, checks pressure in the lift cylinder to calculate the weight on the forks. The load is indicated on the display and if an overload occurs the operator is alerted by a warning sound and the display monitor will show the weight of the load flashing red.

For triplex masts, the optimized lift cylinder arrangement provides the operator with wider visibility and the panoramic mirror improves the operator's view when reversing. A rear view camera is also available as an option.

The advanced LCD digital color monitor keeps the operator fully informed, not only about general operational data, but also about safety warnings. Also when the operator is reversing a rear view camera (optional) is activated automatically on the screen for safe backwards maneuvering.

To prevent the machine being operated by non-qualified personnel and to protect the truck from theft there is an engine start limit feature where personal activation with an entrance code is needed. Other theft prevention measures include a fuel lock hatch, to prevent fuel theft and an optional fuel cap.

The OPSS (Operator Presence Sensing System) is fitted as standard – this prevents mast and all drive movements of the truck if the operator is not in his/her seat.

Fast and easy maintenance

The 160D-9 benefits from an electro-hydraulic tilting cabin system which allows trouble-free access to all main components and makes servicing of all powertrain components quick and easy.  A large engine hood makes the engine compartment very accessible and assures fast and efficient daily maintenance.

The LCD monitor provides easy access to maintenance information – when a service is needed the driver receives a clear warning for early intervention – which optimizes up-time.

The engine and cooling systems are protected from clogging by rear tire covers and if the machine is working in a harsh and dusty environment an additional undercover protective plate is available as an option. 

The new Hyundai forklift range comes with a two-year, 3,000 hours full warranty from the factory. Extended warranty packages are available as an option.