IC Bus Enables Over-the-Air-Programming for School Buses

IC Bus models powered by Navistar and Cummins engines will be capable of using over-the-air-programming of engine control modules.

IC Bus announces that over-the-air (OTA) programming of engine control modules (ECM) will be made available for IC Bus models powered by Navistar proprietary engines and, going forward, by Cummins engines.

By the end of 2016, OTA will be available for aftermarket purchase through IC Bus dealers for all IC Bus models, 2007 and newer, that are powered by Navistar proprietary engines. For new IC Bus school buses powered by Cummins engines, OTA will be available in January 2017.    

"Over-the-air programming is now a reality for school bus operators," says Trish Reed, Vice President and General Manager, IC Bus. "This first-in-the-industry innovation allows operators to update engine control modules with unprecedented ease and convenience over a safe, secure Wi-Fi connection, speeding their access to improved uptime and other benefits."

OTA programming of the bus' ECM will enable the bus driver, maintainer or fleet manager to utilize a mobile interface to initiate engine programming to approved engine calibrations. This quick procedure can be performed at the customer's facility over a safe, secure Wi-Fi connection. IC Bus continues to partner with industry-leading data and technology companies to ensure the system offers the highest level of security.

"Over-the-air programming also sets the stage for a future of connected vehicle services in the school bus community," Reed says. "This two-way connected vehicle technology allows eligible users to pull the data from the bus, analyze the data, and communicate back to the bus. This capability can potentially enable future engine calibrations and other updates to be tailored to the requirements of a particular vehicle."

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