Cummins Fleetguard Filters Offer New 1,000-Hour Service Intervals

At MINExpo 2016, Cummins Filtration will exhibit several products aimed at optimizing productivity including its Fleetguard Nanofiber filters which now offer 1,000 hour service intervals.

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Cummins Filtration announces breakthrough technology that optimizes productivity and reduces total cost of ownership and life cycle cost for mine operators and off-highway diesel engines.

Delivering the most advanced engine protection available for off-highway diesel vehicles, the latest family of Cummins technology including Fleetguard’s NanoForce Air filters, NanoNet Fuel filters, SpiraTec Lube filters and OAT Life of Engine coolants.  The combination of all can extend service intervals by up to four times, reducing annual maintenance hours by up to 50%. Cummins Filtration will unveil these products and more at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas, September 26-28.

Fleetguard’s latest Nanofiber filter products for Air, Lube & Fuel filters provide 99.99% filtration efficiency. Nanofibers, with a diameter smaller than a human hair capture particles at a submicron level before they can reach engine components such as pumps, injectors, pistons, rings and liners. 

Fleetguard NanoNet Fuel filters and NanoForce Air filters provide unrivalled engine protection for all HHP engine platforms - EPA Non-certified, Tier 1 HPI Engines, Tier 2 and above MCRS Engines.

In addition to the added protection, Fleetguard’s family of Nanofiber filter products has set a new 1,000 hour standard service interval that reduces downtime, while ensuring ample safety margins, thus maximizing total cost of ownership benefits. 

This can be seen in practice in the global program by Cummins Filtration aimed at delivering cost reductions to mining companies in the wake of plummeting commodity costs. The business carried out a 12 month ‘Filtration Optimization Program’ with Komatsu, at Anglo American’s Dawson coal mine in Queensland, Australia, to demonstrate that new technology Fleetguard filters provide both better protection and lower total cost of ownership for mine operators. 

Following a field test involving a Komatsu 830E haul truck powered by a Cummins QSK60 HPI engine, Cummins was able to confirm cost savings of 60% and a service life of 1,000 hours minimum, through reduced filter and oil consumption alone. When applied to Dawson’s fleet of 14 Komatsu 830E trucks, savings in excess of $220,000 per year would be realized while slashing servicing hours by 74%. 

“The new 1,000 hours service interval sets a new standard in filtration that provides better equipment protection and lower total cost of ownership for mine operators,” says Gary Ross, Director of Global High Horsepower Business for Cummins Filtration.

“Large engines need the cleanest fuel, oil and coolant, and plenty of air flow. Traditional filter technology can limit lubricant and air flow as they quickly become plugged. This means loss of horsepower, decreased fuel economy, more frequent filter replacements and more costly equipment downtime. Cummins Filtration’s Fleetguard NanoForce Air filters, NanoNet Fuel filters, StrataPore Coolant & Hydraulic filters along with ES Compleat OAT Coolants tackle these problems to deliver the highest standards of filtration while, at the same time, maintaining engine performance.”

Fleetguard filter and coolant products can be viewed at Cummins Filtration’s stand at MINExpo 2016.