FPT Discusses Role in Transition to Sustainable Transport at World Energy Council

During the conference, FPT discussed its natural gas engines, including the new Cursor 9 NG, which will help meet the growing need for sustainable transport technology.

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FPT Industrial was a key participant at the “World Energy Council (WEC),” which met between May 18-20 in Villa Fabri, Trevi, Italy. The WEC forum brought together institutions and journalists to share their vision of energy change. With the development and production of FPT Industrial's Natural Gas engines, CNH Industrial group is leading the conversation in this regard.

Representatives from the main Italian institutions, universities, public and research organizations, as well as numerous leading companies operating in the field of renewable energy were represented at this conference titled "Energy between facts, communication and communities; towards a shared national energy strategy.” FPT Industrial has always been convinced of the fundamental role of the media in explaining the energy transformation we are experiencing. The company shared its experiences and knowledge.

"The demand for greater environmental sustainability couples with the upcoming reforms that are expected to further reduce limits on NOx and CO2 in the years to come," said Annalisa Stupenengo, FPT Industrial Brand President. "Today, we offer a full range of Natural Gas engines, from 3-9 L: the most recent is the Cursor 9 NG and it is the most powerful in its category. Behind our new-generation NG engines there is our pioneering know-how, with more than 20 years experience in stoichiometric technology. This robust expertise makes us believe that the Natural Gas solution is ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow."