Cummins’ Technological Leadership on Full Display at NACV Show

Cummins is exhibiting its latest clean-diesel, ultra-low emission natural gas engines, Eaton Cummins joint venture transmissions, and AEOS fully electric heavy-duty truck.

Cummins' AEOS fully electric heavy-duty truck concept.
Cummins' AEOS fully electric heavy-duty truck concept.
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This week, power and technology leader Cummins Inc. has its technological leadership on full display for customers and attendees at the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) Show in Atlanta, GA, showing its latest products and connectivity solutions. 

“We want our customers and all users of our products to clearly understand that Cummins brings diversified, dependable technology solutions to our customers at the right time to power their success – always,” says Srikanth Padmanabhan, Engine Business President, Cummins Inc.Cummins is prepared to help them be successful now and in the future by offering them powertrain choices that maximize efficiency and reduce costs.”

At NACV, the company is displaying a glimpse into its diverse product road map with its super-efficient diesel engines (the X12 and X15) that are paired with the Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies Endurant transmission. The Endurant is more than 100 lbs. lighter than other competing transmissions and 200 lbs. lighter than the current Fuller Advantage Series transmission.

Cummins is also showing its latest offering for alternative fuels with the ultra-low emission natural gas engine technology from Cummins Westport, and has AEOS, the company’s fully electric heavy-duty truck at the show. The company introduced this demonstration truck last month. And through its highly interactive booth display, Cummins is highlighting some of its unique automated and connectivity solutions to help customers maximize uptime and efficiency.

“Through our connectivity and service solutions, we are committed to keeping our customers in business and maximizing efficiency,” Padmanabhan adds. “We can support their unique needs and ensure we can anticipate, assess and act no matter when, where, or how they need us with our people and our products like Guidanz, Connected Diagnostics, Connected Software Updates and Fleetguard FIT.”

These products and technologies add to Cummins’ unmatched portfolio of solutions and offer customers the latest in environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and powerful products to help them succeed in every market and every application.

Cummins believes that power of choice for customers is critical to its future success. These are some of the technologies the company is offering or developing:

Clean Diesel

Cummins continues to be the leader in clean-diesel technology and understands that for many markets diesel engines will be best solution for decades to come. Powering 33% of the heavy-duty truck market and nearly 80% of the medium-duty truck market, Cummins continues to innovate in its core businesses. The latest products are highly efficient and sustainable heavy-duty diesel engines, showcasing the company’s innovation in traditional diesel power, the most commonly used power on the road today. The powerful X15 and lightweight X12 engines are engineered for optimal performance and power while offering class-leading fuel economy through the use of advanced air handling and fuel system controls. Both engines utilize the compact Single Module Aftertreatment, which offers longer maintenance intervals for the lowest cost of ownership. Cummins has unveiled details around the next heavy-duty 15 L engine for 2022, which affirms the company’s commitment to providing the most effective power solution for Class 8 line haul trucks.

With the recent formation of the Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies, customers can count on Cummins to provide market-leading innovation for integrated powertrain technologies. With up to 1,850 lbs.-ft. capability, the Endurant transmission is more than 100 lbs. lighter than other competing automated manual transmissions and 200 lbs. lighter than the current Fuller Advantage Series transmission. Cummins has also unveiled details around the next heavy-duty 15 L engine for 2022, which will be smaller, lighter and more efficient than today’s engines with a design protected to integrate on-engine aftertreatment, waste heat recovery, and mild electrification.

Energy Diverse Power Solutions

Cummins has invested in research and development projects to develop products and technology solutions for the energy diverse landscape necessary for the future. From high-efficiency spark-ignited technology that can deliver diesel-like performance and durability across a range of liquid fuels and natural gas, to battery electric and hybrid power.

Cummins Westport has long been a leader in providing natural gas engines as a sustainable, affordable and readily-available power option. The company recently revealed its latest Near-Zero natural gas engines which have little to no emissions for customers looking to minimize emissions. Engines like the L9N and ISX12N offer a 90% reduction in NOx emissions below today’s standards, and they are an ultra-cost-effective solution to power vehicles in non-attainment zones.

Recently, Cummins has also demonstrated its ability to reduce CO2 emissions up to 80% in a 2.8 L demonstrator engine capable of also running on other liquid fuels like methanol and gasoline. Cummins continues to investigate the viability of other alternatives like bio-fuels, synthetic fuels, hydrogen, and fuel cells.

Electrified Powertrain Solutions

With the unveiling of the AEOS, the Concept Urban Hauler Electric Vehicle, Cummins introduced a state-of-the art battery pack offering redefined energy-efficiency and densities for the electric vehicle market. The lighter, denser battery design allows it to hold a longer charge for improved range and faster charging, maximizing drive time. With a single battery pack, the truck has a range of 100 miles, but it has the option to add two additional packs for a range up to 300 miles. The concept truck design also includes a Range-Extended option utilizing the Cummins B4.5 or B6.7 engines, for a range up to 600 miles, providing a major advantage over today’s hybrid systems. These engine options offer 50% fuel savings compared to today’s diesel hybrids with zero emissions.

Digital Capabilities, Data & Analytics

Customers are looking for convenient and responsive interactions, real-time updates, and information that make products safer, more productive and easier to use. Cummins has offered telematics systems in some markets for many years, but the potential for digital goes far beyond telematics systems and at a faster pace. Recognizing this, in May 2017, Cummins formed a new internal organization led by Sherry Aaholm, Cummins Chief Information Officer, called the Digital Accelerator. This new organization seeks to streamline innovation, quickly bringing the best concepts from the idea stage to commercialization.