Bendix Consolidating Engine Vibration Damper Production in North America

Engine vibration damper manufacturing will be consolidated to Bendix's Indiana facility as part of its strategic plan to optimize its North American manufacturing locations to address long-term growth and site expansion potential.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC (Bendix) announces the launch of a phased transfer of its North American engine vibration damper manufacturing operations from the company’s North Aurora, Illinois-based facility to the Bendix manufacturing campus in Huntington, IN, by midyear 2020. The North Aurora facility is expected to end production by July 2020.

Bendix currently maintains two production locations for its damper product lines – the 34,000-sq.-ft. primary site in North Aurora and a 62,000-sq.-ft. site in Huntington. The action is part of the company’s overall strategic plan to optimize its North American manufacturing locations to address long-term growth and site expansion potential, in the context of the continued escalated business demands for damper products. 

Engine vibration dampers are used to reduce torsional vibration on engine crankshafts to prevent shaft failure and reduce noise. They also play a role in improved fuel economy.

“The decision to consolidate production at a single location enables strategic alignment of our manufacturing operations and increased opportunities to support the company’s expanding damper product lines. The action will take place without disruption to our ability to meet customer needs,” says Carlos Hungria, Bendix Chief Operating Officer. “In 2017, Bendix completed a $3.8 million capital investment in equipment to launch two new production lines in Huntington, ultimately paving the way for continued expansion of our damper manufacturing capabilities and overall capacity.”

Hungria continues, “The decision to undertake the shift and shutter the North Aurora facility was not reached without careful evaluation and consideration, especially for those who will be impacted by the closure.”

Bendix has been operating in Huntington since February 1980. Currently, the company operates five locations within a 5-mile radius, including manufacturing, remanufacturing, and assembly sites, as well as Bendix’s primary North American distribution center. The complex is the site of continual growth and expansion, reinforced by the company’s business unit-focused approach.