Garrett Motion Supplies Custom Turbochargers for New Agricultural Equipment Line

Garrett Motion recently developed a custom turbocharger solution for a global OEM which features a new bosting architecture to help improve fuel efficiency.

Garrett Turbochargerin Ag Application
Garrett Motion Inc.

Garrett Motion Inc. announces its advanced turbocharging technologies have been deployed in support of a recent launch by a global manufacturer of harvesters, combines, excavators and other agricultural equipment.   

“Our custom single- and two-stage turbo applications successfully address three critical pain points for this global customer,” said Garrett Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Vehicles Aileen McDowall. “First, we helped to increase total vehicle fuel efficiency by 20% in an important use case where our new bosting architecture gave the vehicle enough autonomy to eliminate unnecessary refueling journeys. Second, we enabled the customer to achieve greater productivity by creating a two-stage setup for multiple off-highway applications. And finally, the unmatched durability of our products provides a versatile solution capable of delivering high performance in diverse duty cycles ranging between 8,000 and 12,000 hours in duration, while reducing maintenance costs and increasing vehicle uptime.”

Garrett’s innovative technology and packaging designs allowed the manufacturer to replace 15 part numbers from its previous turbo supplier with just three from Garrett while still supporting a host of diverse commercial vehicle applications, including sugarcane harvesters, cotton pickers and dump trucks. Garrett’s design not only helped reduce portfolio complexity by eliminating a dozen part numbers, but also led to a smaller packaging requirement, leading to a slimmer hood line.

In this instance, Garrett developed an advanced aerodynamic package for the compressor stage of the turbocharger, which will be matched to a 13.6L engine. In certain applications, the manufacturer stated a combine harvester with this updated engine can now run for up to 14 hours without refueling, resulting in a total reduction of fuel consumed of up to 20% while enabling vehicles to meet stringent emissions standards.  

“Garrett has been synonymous with off-highway commercial vehicle innovation since our inception more than 65 years ago,” added McDowall. “We are proud to support one of the world’s most renowned manufacturing companies develop the necessary tools for providing global communities with their most essential goods – from farm-fresh produce and materials for textiles to rare earth metals and everything in between.”