BorgWarner eBooster Electrically Driven Compressor

The 48V eBooster electrically driven compressor delivers boost on demand until main turbocharger builds pressure and takes over. Technology helps smaller, more fuel-efficient engines deliver the torque, power of larger engines with faster time-to-torque.

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The 48V eBooster for commercial trucks uses an electric motor driving a compressor to provide supplemental boost air to the engine when the turbocharger turbine can't.

  • Reduced turbo lag; better low rpm engine torque, faster time-to-torque
  • 100,000 rpm maximum speed
  • 2.2 pressure ratio maximum
  • 10 kW continuous capability
  • 23 kW intermittent capability
  • Great for larger engines (>5 L)
  • Permanent-magnet motor
  • External power electronics
  • Water cooled, no oil supply needed
  • Corresponding power electronics controller also available
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