T/CCI QPS65 and QP25 Swash Plate Compressors

T/CCI's QPS65 and QP25 Swash Plate compressors provide durable, compact solutions for use in bus applications.

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T/CCI Manufacturing is introducing the QPS65 and QP25 Swash Plate compressors for the bus market in the United States and Canada.   


  • Provides latest technology and design for applications that require large capacity displacement
  • Smaller design is tailored to align with industry trends in bus manufacturing, downsizing engine space and ability to mount traditional compressors
  • NVH is lower than reciprocating compressors for smoother, more comfortable ride
  • More clutch configurations results in ability to customize solutions 
  • Two model configurations available - one rotates clockwise, the other counterclockwise enabling compressor mounting either on engine or opposite the engine when space constraints do not allow engine mounting
  • Can use both PAG or POE type oils


  • For school buses and smaller bus applications
  • Provides higher capacity than QP21 or enhanced 7H15 while being able to fit in same mounting configurations
  • Delivers immediate, cost-effective solution to customers who need higher capacity in extreme climatic conditions
  • Fitted with new design “4-eye” clutch with higher clamping force to accommodate increased capacity
  • Rubber dampening of 4-eye armature provides smooth and quiet clutch engagements that ensures NVH characteristics exceed customer expectations 

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