Jacobs 1.5 Stroke HPD Engine Brake

The Jacobs 1.5 Stroke HPD (High Power Density) engine brake provides braking power improvements of up to 40% at high engine speeds compared with traditional compression release braking.

Hpd Animation 1 5 Stroke V2

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has launched the 1.5 Stroke HPD, a variation of the innovative High Power Density (HPD) engine brake that the company introduced on a demonstration truck in 2016.

  • Provides heavy vehicles with significantly higher levels of supplemental braking force than traditional compression release braking, but with less complexity and cost than the Two-Stroke HPD  
  • Offers small and medium displacement engines with large engine displacement retarding power
  • Delivers more conservative technical strategy that will better suit requirements of some engine hardware without compromising on performance via adoption of different valve train and valve opening strategy than Two-Stroke HPD
  • Simpler and more affordable design
  • Enables deactivation of exhaust event, however, there is no deactivation of main intake valve events and no additional intake lift events to support second compression release
  • Normal intake is provided for first compression release (CR), and gases used in second CR event are generated solely by recirculation of exhaust manifold gases, without drawing air from intake manifold  
  • Realizes braking power improvements of up to 40% at high engine speeds when compared with traditional compression release braking and improvements of up to 100% at low engine speeds
  • Low rpm benefits are especially important because of increasing numbers of engines with higher power density and lower operating speeds to improve fuel economy and lower total cost of ownership 
  • Compensates for loss of brake retarding typically seen with natural gas engines, and other design characteristics employed for improved fuel efficiency, so fleets can still haul standard load sizes safely  
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