Kohler K-HEM 2504

The Kohler K-HEM 2504 includes a KDI 2504TCR 55.4 kW diesel engine compliant with Stage V.

K Hem 2504 Front

Kohler has introduced the K-HEM 2504, the next model of its KOHLER Hybrid Energy Module. 

  • Hybrid unit generating combination of electrical and mechanical power
  • Consists of KDI 2504TCR 55.4 kW (74.3 hp) diesel engine compliant with Stage V legislation without use of an SCR
  • 48V electric motor guarantees 19.5 kW (26.1 hp) peak power and 9 kW (12.2 hp) continued power
  • Offers efficient DPF management by making regeneration processes fully transparent for end user,
  • Capable of exploiting temperatures reached during regeneration to recharge battery pack
  • Can equal, if not exceed, performance offered by higher spec engines in terms of horsepower, as well as smaller footprint
  • Features same integration with hydraulic system or mechanical transmission as a diesel engine, easing installation for OEMs
  • Current generated by telectric motor can run a series of actuators and guarantee more punctual and optimized management, leading to improved machine performance
  • Provides general optimization of machines and possibility to store surplus energy in batteries to be delivered when needed
  • Flexibility to run on mechanical energy, mechanical energy plus electrical energy, or with electrical energy alone
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