KOHLER Hybrid Energy Module

The K-HEM is composed of a Stage V KDW 1003 18 kW diesel engine and 48V electric motor.

K Hem1003 Right

Kohler presents the K-HEM (KOHLER Hybrid Energy Module) hybrid electrical and mechanical combined power generation unit. 

  • Generates power using a combination of KDW 1003 18 kW (24.1 hp) diesel engine and 48V electric motor
  • KDW 1003 is compliant with Stage V standards and without use of DPF
  • 48V electric motor guarantees 15 kW (20.1 hp) of peak power and 9 kW (12.1 hp) of continuous power
  • Unit is capable of providing over 30 kW (40.2 hp) without the need for exhaust gas aftertreatment systems
  • Operates as generator for energy accumulation systems
  • Designed to satisfy needs of all equipment distinguished by intermittent duty operation cycles that call for power peaks (welders, mowers, tractors with implements, etc.) and machines that chiey run continuous low load operation cycles
  • Power base is provided by combustion engine, while power peaks are guaranteed by electric motor
  • Complies with Stage V standards
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