Eaton Valvetrain for Off-Highway Diesel Engines

Eaton's valvetrain solutions are designed to help reduce emissions as well as provide installation flexibility for OEMs.

Eaton Cda March 2020
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Power management company Eaton announces it has expanded its portfolio of valvetrain solutions for diesel off-highway vehicles to help OEMs reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.

  • Allows for cost-effective, variable valve actuation (VVA) with hydraulic lash adjustment (HLA) function
  • Enables precise valve lift control through HLA, coupled with engine braking capability, which in turn helps reduce emissions and improve fuel economy
  • Cylinder-deactivation (CDA) technology increases exhaust temperature at low load to allow NOx aftertreatment systems to quickly reach peak efficiency range of 250–400 C
  • CDA capable of simultaneously reducing CO2 and NOx emissions
  • Additional VVA technologies include late intake valve closing (LIVC) and early exhaust valve opening (EEVO), which modify valve operation to maximize aftertreatment efficiency and minimize fuel consumption
  • LIVC also enables high compression ratios for diesel engines and fast SCR heating at engine start-up
  • Twin Vortices Series (TVS) EGR pump enables replacement of a variable geometry turbo (VGT) plus EGR valve architecture with a more efficient fixed geometry turbo (FGT), improving engine efficiency and reducing CO2
  • Flexible and adaptable to any valvetrain architecture, allowing OEM customers to implement multiple functions such as CDA and engine braking in tight packaging
  • HLA technology optimizes valvetrain performance by providing precise valve timing over the life of the vehicle, as well as noise reduction and service elimination for manual valvetrain lash settings
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