Welding, Structural Steel Connection Construction Classes at Lincoln Electric

Earn CEU and advance knowledge of codes, materials, techniques and challenges during week-long programs at The Welding Technology & Training Center.

Lincoln Electric
Earn CEU and advance knowledge of codes, materials, techniques and challenges during week-long programs at The Welding Technology & Training Center.
Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric has added a new component to its annual lineup of Blodgett Design Seminars. Its Design of Welded Connections: Steel Structures seminar will now take a closer look at AWS D1.5 standards in addition to the traditional coursework. The company will hold two structural seminars in 2022, May 16-20 and Oct. 24-28 at The Welding Technology & Training Center at its Cleveland headquarters.

Lincoln Electric’s Blodgett Structural Steel Connections seminar offers 36 hours of coursework across a week of training, providing 3.6 CEUs for those who design and build steel structures such as buildings, bridges, towers and similar structures. Typical attendees include structural engineers, fabricators, erectors and inspectors. During the sessions, participants will review connections that are subject to static, cyclic and seismic loading.

“In the past, we’ve focused on AISC 360 and AWS D1.1 standards to support various engineering principles presented in the course,” explains Curt Decker, senior structural engineer at Lincoln Electric, “The addition of more in-depth discussions on AWS D1.5 expands our training to cover a greater structural scope, particularly in light of infrastructure concerns coming to the forefront across the country.”

Seminar classes include Weld Process Basics, Welding Metallurgy and Cracking, Basics of Welded Connections, Fracture Mechanics, Principles of Connection Design and Practical Solutions to Common Construction Challenges, in addition to other key structural topics. Participants will have hands-on welding opportunities and demonstrations of additive and automation solutions to replenish the stock of new ideas and will take tours of Lincoln Electric which showcase the latest in welding technology.

For more than 60 years, Lincoln Electric has hosted Blodgett design seminars that provide attendees with relevant and actionable ideas of how to make welded products more dependable, lower in cost and welded safely. Thousands of engineers have attended these seminars, made popular by their namesake, Omer W. Blodgett, a retired Lincoln Electric engineer, lecturer and educator. Blodgett, a renowned world authority on the design of welded connections, was influential in developing standards for the American Welding Society. He authored both Design of Welded Structures and Design of Weldments. These books, originally published more than 55 years ago, are considered the foundation for the entire design of welded connections.

“These seminars are one of a kind,” Decker says. “Lincoln Electric is the world’s expert in welding with more than 100 years of experience. You can’t get this depth of training with such a long history anywhere else.”

Registration is open for both the May 16-20 and Oct. 24-28 seminars. The $900 seminar fee includes the seminar sessions, lunches, an evening dining event and daily hotel shuttle. For more information, visit https://www.lincolnelectric.com/en/Education/Blodgett-Seminars or email weldtraining@lincolnelectric.com.         

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