A41CTU for Power-Split Transmissions

At Agritechnica 2013, Bosch Rexroth launched its A41CTU compact hydrostatic unit designed for vehicles in the 80 to 140 hp range.

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Bosch Rexroth is launching a smaller model of its high-efficiency hydrostatic compact unit A41CTU to offer tractors in the lower power range from 80 to 140 hp the benefit of lower fuel consumption and enhanced ride comfort.

  • Features combination of swashplate variable rotary group and bent-axis constant-displacement rotary group to raise both volumetric as well as mechanical-hydraulic efficiency
  • Compactly designed
  • Includes space-saving U-shaped arrangement and is directly fitted to the diesel engine
  • Well suited for mid-range power ranges
  • Features 110-ccm variable rotary group and a 90-ccm constant displacement rotary group
  • Enhances ride comfort by offering higher starting efficiency and lower breakaway torque for smoother, more comfortable vehicle travel
  • Discontinuity is lessened when the direction of rotation is changed
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