NFPA Accepting Nominations for Innovation Award

The National Fluid Power Association is now accepting nominations for its 2012 Fluid Power Innovation Award.

The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) is accepting nominations for the 2012 Fluid Power Innovation Award, a fluid power technology award for innovative engineers and technicians who are using fluid power to address the needs of their customers. NFPA members are encouraged to submit innovative fluid power applications in any of the customer markets they serve. 

The award was created to honor the innovative achievements of individual design engineers in industries that use fluid power technology to increase the visibility of hydraulics and pneumatics in our industry’s end use markets. Applicants must provide documentation of their innovation.  Engineers and technicians who have used fluid power to:

  • Increase energy efficiency; 
  • Improve reliability; 
  • Reduce system size while maintaining or increasing power output; 
  • Reduce environmental impact; 
  • Improve and apply energy storage, recovery and redeployment capabilities

are especially encouraged to apply.

The 2011 NFPA Innovation Award was presented this past December to Erling Skaar and Dr. Odd Arild Olsen of GenTech Global for their innovative use of hydraulics to achieve energy savings and reduce emissions on commercial ships and boats. Click here to learn more about the 2011 Innovation Award.

The program will provide cash awards and recognition for individuals using fluid power technology in innovative ways. The deadline for nominations is May 31, 2012, and winners will be notified no later than July 31, 2012. The winners will be selected by a judging committee consisting of members of the NFPA Marketing Committee. Membership in NFPA is not required. Full eligibility criteria and online application materials are available at