NFPA Releases New Technical Document for Compensated Flow-Control Valves

The NFPA has released the third edition of its technical document Compensated flow-control valves - Mounting surfaces.

A new technical document has recently been published and is now available from the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA).

ISO 6263:2013 (supersedes ISO 6263:1997) Hydraulic fluid power – Compensated flow-control valves – Mounting surfaces (third edition)


This International Standard specifies the dimensions and other data relating to surfaces on which hydraulic compensated flow-control valves are mounted in order to ensure interchangeability.

It applies to mounting surfaces for hydraulic compensated flow-control valves which represent current practice; they are generally applicable to industrial equipment.


This dimensional interchangeability standard benefits users by allowing them to purchase hydraulic compensated flow-control valves from multiple suppliers, and manufacturers of these valves to benefit from economies of scale afforded by the standard. ISO 6263 also helps in the safer application of these valves by providing means on the mounting surface to correctly orient the mating valve.

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