NFPA Launches FAMTEN to Bring New Talent to Industry Members

The Fluid Power and Applied Mechatronics Training and Employment Network will focus on developing and introducing NFPA members to new technical talent entering the fluid power job market.

National Fluid Power Association (NFPA)

FAMTEN is the Fluid Power and Applied Mechatronics Training and Employment Network, and its focus will be on developing and introducing NFPA members to new technical talent entering the fluid power job market. 

Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) in suburban Milwaukee has been selected as the first FAMTEN tech school. Due to its proximity to the NFPA office and its dedication to implementing fluid power curriculum, WCTC will be the first, best opportunity to create a successful FAMTEN Hub. NFPA has many members with facilities in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois who can benefit greatly from the partnership with WCTC. Once the program is launched, NFPA members in the region will be able to network directly with fluid power students who will soon be entering the job market.

The FAMTEN Hub will stack four necessary program components within the community:

  • A middle school outreach program to raise fluid power education awareness;
  • A high school education program to develop initial competencies;
  • A 2-year tech school degree program to deliver the skill sets NFPA members are looking for; and
  • A network of industry partners with facilities near the community to provide mentorship to students and jobs to graduates.

The long-term strategic goal is to build 12 of these FAMTEN Hubs in important fluid power communities around the country. The vision is to identify where NFPA members have manufacturing or assembly facilities and to align our expansion plans with education partners in those communities. It is an ambitious goal, and we won’t be able to make it a reality without ongoing donations from our members to the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation. With those donations, company representatives can get engaged on our Tech School Education Committee, which will play a critical role in directing and supporting this program.

If your company is currently a Silver or Gold level donor through the NFPA Foundation’s giving society, the Pascal Society, your company has already been asked to place someone on this committee. If you are currently a Bronze level donor, this may be the best time to consider upgrading your company to the Silver level and make the most of your involvement with NFPA. If your company is not currently a Pascal Society donor, you can find more information on the Pascal Society on

NFPA looks forward to launching the FAMTEN Hub at WCTC in 2018 and seeing what kind of successes and challenges come along as it develops the plan for other FAMTEN communities. With your support and participation, more FAMTEN Hubs across the country will connect more members to the talent they are looking for to help drive the future of their businesses.