Texas Hydraulics Displays Cylinders

Texas Hydraulics displays Integrated Hydraulic cylinders and Refuse Design Cylinders at WasteExpo 2011

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Texas Hydraulics, Inc., will showcase its Integrated Hydraulic Cylinders and Refuse Design Cylinders in at WasteExpo 2011. The show, which brings together a wide variety of leaders from both the private and public sectors of the waste management industry, will be held from May 10-12, 2011, in Dallas, TX.

The typical hydraulic system utilizes a separate pump, motor, line-mounted valves or manifold, hoses, fittings and reservoir, while Texas Hydraulics’ Fully Integrated Hydraulic Cylinders combine all of these components into one compact assembly. Fully Integrated Cylinders are ideal for any application where performance, energy efficiency and environmental concerns are at a premium. These self-contained, “plug & play” custom cylinders can eliminate the need for hoses, fittings and most of all, costly installation time, all while reducing the number of potential leak points significantly. Thanks to their self-contained design, the potential for contaminant ingress into the hydraulic system is greatly reduced. Texas Hydraulics’ Fully Integrated Hydraulic Cylinders can also operate solely on battery power, making them ideal for solar applications or on sites where no outside electricity is available. These durable, welded cylinders can also feature position sensing, overload protection, regenerative circuits, load locking, thermal protection, proportional flow control and many other features.

Texas Hydraulics will also be showcasing its Refuse Design Cylinders, which are specifically designed as custom solutions within the waste management industry. Based on extensive cycle and fatigue testing, these rugged “Texas Tough” cylinders can perform up to 10 times better than competitive designs. Recognizing the stresses on cylinders in challenging refuse applications, these cylinders also feature optimized welds that reduce stress concentrations, thereby increasing durability and reliability. Based on the application, many utilize Texas Hydraulics’ state-of-the-art friction welder, thereby creating a stronger joint that increases acceptable cylinder tensile load and cylinder fatigue life.