IFH Group Expands Production Capacity for Second Time

IFH Group has made a second expansion to its production facility, increasing the building's square footage from 106,000 to 121,000.

Ifh Group Expands Production Capacity
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The IFH Group Inc., a leading metal fabricator and manufacturer of hydraulic oil reservoirs and custom fuel tanks, has completed its second major expansion, increasing the company’s overall square footage from 106,000 to over 121,000 under one roof. 

The most recent addition houses IFH’s non-ferrous manufacturing lines, stepping up the company’s capability for the production of aluminum sheet steel for its reservoirs, tanks and other custom fabrications. The addition has enabled IFH to streamline all areas of production from incoming raw materials to shipment of completed fabrications and tanks in order to shorten the lead times to customers. 

“This also enables us to expand our ferrous manufacturing by creating additional capacity for steel, stainless steel, and aluminized steel -- increasing our capability for supplying large fabrications and tanks,” says Keith Ellefsen, President of IFH.  “We have dedicated prototyping cells, dedicated employee weld testing cells, and have added four major welding cells with large-capacity material handling equipment. There are many more improvements on the horizon that will be completed by end of second quarter 2013.”