Eaton Introduces "Drive in a Drive" Technology for 2000 Series Motors

Eaton's "drive in a drive" technology helps save space and provides more displacement options to help OEMs meet their application needs.

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Power management company Eaton has introduced a patent pending new “drive in a drive” technology that saves space and extends motor life, making smaller 34 cubic centimeters (cc), 41 cc and 66.5 cc displacements possible. The design allows the 2000 Series disc motors to cover the entire spool motor displacement range, so it is easy to upgrade as agricultural applications transition to higher pressure. 

Eaton’s expanded disc motor line helps mobile equipment manufacturers as they seek higher pressures, speeds and starting torque,” says Todd Degler, Product Manager, Geroler Motors, Eaton. “The patent pending ‘drive in a drive’ technology has made it possible to provide new displacements, which in turn empowers OEMs to build machines with simple, compact designs, improving efficiency and reliability.”

The low displacement motors enable flexible system design by increasing pressure capability, sideload and thrust load bearing capacity as compared to competitive motors in similar low displacements. Built for agricultural machines, the motors offer high speeds with low pressure drop for lower heat generation, enabling material to be harvested at optimum conditions.

The 2000 Series disc motor has also been updated to include a four-bolt, 1.75-in. pilot mount, allowing customers to “drop-in” to a 2000 Series size motor without changing the machine’s mount.